Syndeia Cloud 3.3 Service Pack 1 (3.3 SP1)

Updates and fixes in this service pack (3.3 SP1)

Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 release includes the following updates.

  1. Support for Microsoft/Azure AD as an LDAP authentication provider - Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 includes additional LDAP configuration parameters that make it possible for Syndeia admins to use different LDAP providers with Syndeia Cloud. The silhouette.conf in Syndeia Cloud now includes ldap.userBindAttribute and ldap.mailAttribute to specify the user id and email fields in an LDAP provider. Syndeia Cloud LDAP integration has been tested with OpenLDAP and Microsoft/Azure Active Directory. The silhouette.conf file includes example property values for OpenLDAP and Microsoft AD LDAP servers.

  2. Performance improvements in Syndeia Cloud Graph service - Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 includes multiple performance-related updates to the Syndeia Cloud graph service. Commands and queries to the underlying JanusGraph database are updated to improve the performance of node/edge creation and deletion steps.

  3. Updates to Swagger documentation and installation scripts - Syndeia Cloud 3. SP1 includes updates to the Swagger documentation for the Syndeia Cloud REST/HTTP API, updates to the installation scripts for Linux and Windows, and other bug fixes and improvements.

Installation Process

Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 is a full build of Syndeia Cloud and not a patch/incremental build. It is an in-place upgrade of the Syndeia Cloud services and does NOT require any data migration. Follow the steps below to deploy Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1.

  1. Download & extract the three .zip files to your home dir, i.e.,,

  2. Identify your current Syndeia Cloud version and platform (Windows, Linux). Version can be identified by the filename of the .zip you originally downloaded, e.g. syndeia-cloud-3.3.2020-07-30.2, syndeia-cloud-3.3.2020-07-30.3, etc.)

  3. Start following the instructions below for the scenario and platform relevant to your environment. If a platform is not listed, no specific actions are needed for that platform.

Scenario 1: If you are deploying SC 3.3 for the first time with this service pack (or starting from scratch)

4. Gather the three .zip files you downloaded for Syndeia Cloud 3.3 SP1 and follow the instructions here:

Scenario 2: If you are already running SC 3.3 and upgrading to this 3.3 SP1 release

  • Windows:

4. Stop all existing SC services via services.msc (SCM)
5. In a Cygwin/WSL terminal, run:  ~/syndeia-cloud-3.3.2021-01-27.SP1/conf/Apache_Commons/reinstall_SC-services.bash ( note, ensure Apache Commons is installed to the COMMONS_HOME path in the script just like in the Cassandra installation instructions)
6. To install SC 3.3 SP1, in a Cygwin/WSL terminal, run:  ~/syndeia-cloud-3.3.2021-01-27.SP1/bin/syndeia-cloud-3.3_install_windows.bash --upgrade --SC_version=3.3.2021-01-27.SP1 and follow the prompts

  • Linux:

4. To update your GNU .screenrc, in your shell, run:  cp ~/syndeia-cloud-3.3.2021-01-27.SP1/conf/screen/.screenrc ~/.
5. To install Cassandra’s tmpfiles.d config, in your shell, run: sudo cp ~/syndeia-cloud-3.3.2021-01-27.SP1_cassandra_zookeeper_kafka_setup/conf/tmpfiles.d/cassandra.conf /etc/tmpfiles.d/. and upon next reboot it will use this (to do this immediately, stop all SC + Cassandra services and run the tmpfiles.d directive, ie: sudo stop sc-* cassandra && sudo systemd-tmpfiles --create --boot /etc/tmpfiles.d/cassandra.conf && sudo start
6. To update the Janusgraph (JG) systemd service file, in your shell, run: sudo cp ~/syndeia-cloud-3.3.2021-01-27.SP1_janusgraph_setup/conf/init/systemd/janusgraph.service /etc/systemd/system/. && sudo systemctl daemon-reload
7. To install SC 3.3 SP1, in your shell, run:  ~/syndeia-cloud-3.3.2021-01-27.SP1/bin/syndeia-cloud-3.3_install.bash --upgrade --SC_version=3.3.2021-01-27.SP1 and follow the prompts


  1. Follow the steps in the section Validating Syndeia Cloud Installation & Configuration on the following page to verify your installation: